Joanne's thoughts about P.O.W

Summer 2015, after completing a ten month post-grad, and keeping "life" held together with a few strings, I had really let my fitness level decline. I committed to joining Jenn Kerr's class at Perfect Form because I wanted my energy back and I needed a little motivation! Jenn's classes are always challenging, fun, and provide lots of variety for total body movement and strengthening. There's some laughing, good music (warning: Jenn sometimes sings and dances), and a great group of people to look forward to each class. Jenn will also push you to reach your potential and conquer mind over matter!
Since my training started with Jenn, I'm happy to report that my energy has returned, I've increased endurance in both strength and cardio areas, and I don't detest burpees as much as I did last year. 

Jenn is a knowledgeable and motivating trainer; I would recommend her classes to anyone looking to start their fitness journey, or just get back on track and set new goals. 
Thanks for all you do Jenn!


After these 10 weeksI feel stronger,I feel I have more energy and confidence. When I say confidence....I mean confident in myself that I can do those exercises, and can push myself more than I would have ever thought. PUSH UPS????? ME???? No way.....but YES I can and DID!!! Thanks Jenn for believing in me and pushing me to achieve new goals.


Terri has a very good work ethic and very professional approach to helping others. I found her training techniques very helpful and her training advice very good. I would recommend her personal training to anyone who is interested in getting the best out of their workouts.

Paul Cunningham, Whitby


I have been seeing Terri for about 3 months now….losing weight was the goal but what I gained was a sense of pride and selfworth that seemed unattainable to me before.

I have lost almost 16 inches overall and have gained a sense of pride that I can and will acheive my goals. Her sense of knowing just how far to push me, and just constantly sending me positive energy… makes her my hero. She says ”but you did all the hard work”, in reality if it was not for her I would have given up months ago. She changes it up all the time and working out is always an adventure. I have also discovered I love to box…what a great stress reliever, never did I think I would love to hit something. I have learned so much in my time with her and I look forward to the months and years ahead. Thank you Terri, you are the best.

Lee-Anne Carroll, Ajax


Anyone wishing to surpass their weight loss/fitness goals should contact Terri at Perfect Form. She has completely transformed my shape (and attitude!) in 2 months. Never have I had such an awesome experience. This is one studio that knows exactly what to do to have you reach your goals.

Cindy Best, Ajax


Terri, I like to take a few minutes to tell you that a goal was achieved and without your help I know I wouldn’t have made it.

Two years ago I wanted to be better skier and beat my personal record, so I decided to start a training program with you. At first it was not easy, but with your help I skied all last year without injury.

I felt very strong and balanced, even my friends asked “what have you done? You’re So solid on the ski course”. In response, I told them I had a secret weapon.

Well this year with your training and push, I am not only stronger and have longer stamina, I also beat my record! I was so happy and I know that without your training this would not have happened.

A big thanks!

Bob Verwey, Oshawa


I started training with Terri about 3 months ago, I was having problems with my knees, could not get up with out aid, I also gained weight and was very frustrated. I worked out 3 times a week could not see results.

My diet, I thought, was healthy. Terri asked me to give her a example of my diet and was able to explain my downfalls, helped me to choose healthy choices and that has really made a big difference.

Along with a great fitness program and lots of encouragement I have seen remarkable results.

I have dropped a dress size, I understand that clean eating is the way to go along with exercise, Terri is amazing she truly is dedicated to helping her clients reach their goals. Thank you Terri, I have to say you are amazing and have made a world of difference to my life. I feel great.

Kathy Hogg, Whitby



My story isn’t a new one. I’ve struggled with body image from a young age. I was an early bloomer, blossoming at ten years old. It made me stand out from everyone and keenly aware of what I looked like.

By high school, I hated my curvy body. I wanted to have slim hips and I was convinced that dieting would give me the body I wanted so badly but nothing worked. It took me until my forties to learn to embrace the body I’d been given, but that didn’t eliminate the battle with my weight.

Food had become a crutch. I was an emotional eater and still face that struggle from time to time.

There wasn’t an emotion that didn’t make me turn to food, except anger. Happy, sad, in love or feeling frustrated; they all meant eating to me. I knew it, but I still couldn’t stop. As I entered peri-menopause my struggles intensified. It was no longer as easy to lose weight, but I convinced myself that as long as I could still do the things I loved, my weight didn’t matter. It was a scary delusion. Heart disease claimed both of my parents, my mom at 52 and my dad at 64, and yet I was still able to convince myself that being overweight wasn’t a concern.

I met Terri in 2010 through a weight loss challenge at my workplace. Her training style worked perfectly for me. Terri’s combination of encouragement and knowing your limits was exactly what I needed, but I couldn’t get my diet under control. For various reasons – okay, let’s be honest, excuses, I stopped going to Terri.

All of the weight I’d managed to lose piled back on and then some, but I still told myself that I was active enough that my weight was irrelevant. I was still hiking, biking and camping like I always had, at least that’s what I told myself. When I had to abort a hike on the Bruce Trail, I was convinced it was because I’d become more heat sensitive as I aged. It couldn’t possibly be my weight. In the summer of 2013 I only got out on my bike once. I told myself it was because I never felt like going out for a ride, not that I was so heavy riding my bike was no longer fun. The final straw came when I was camping on the Labour Day weekend. It was a huge effort for me to get off the air mattress in morning.

I had to face the truth. I could no longer do the things I loved.

I called Terri when I got back from camping praying that she’d be able to fit me in. I knew from working with her in the past that all I had to do to succeed was exactly what she said. Easy, right? Actually, it was, but probably because I was committed and determined.

I believe that the mental battle is the hardest to win.

If you tell yourself that working out should be enough and dieting isn’t necessary, I think meeting your goals will be a challenge. I believe your diet is just as important as exercise and I mean diet in the literal sense – the food and drink you regularly consume. The key is regularly. For me, it meant realizing that it could no longer be a temporary thing. My diet had to change permanently. Does that mean I can’t have a piece of cake on my birthday? Of course not, but by 52, I know when my birthday is and I can plan for it. It does mean, however, that I can’t have cake on everyone’s birthday. I know that it’s what I do 90% of the time that’s important.

For me the gym is the easy part. I love to exercise, but I also expect a lot from myself and tend to push myself too hard, especially when I’ve made up my mind to lose weight. When I returned to Terri I told her that I wanted to start running again – another one of my loves. She put the brakes on right away. She ensured me that I would get there, but I needed to work on my foundation first. If I tried to run before I got stronger, I would injure myself and that likely would put an end to the journey I’d only just begun.

I listened. In fact, I did everything Terri asked of me. Was I always happy about it? No, but when I saw the results on the scale I was convinced. I decided that feeling better and getting back to the things I loved was the most important thing to me.  Terri taught me to listen to my body. If I ate something that made me feel horrible, I didn’t eat it again.

Do I still have struggles? Yes, but as Terri will testify, it’s more with my patience than anything else. By continuing to use the tools Terri has given me I know I’ll be able to reach my goals and stay there. I know now that means continuing with the diet Terri has given me and using her workouts as the foundation to allow me to live my life to the fullest.

Finally, I believe there is a secret and it might come as a surprise. It’s not the diet or the exercise. It honesty – both with yourself and your trainer.  I don’t believe you can succeed until you do both.

Thank you, Terri! I couldn’t have made it this far without you and I’m looking forward to the rest of the journey with you!


Melanie Evans

You always hear about how great diet and exercise are for your body, but what about your spirit, your well-being, your sense of accomplishment, and your purpose? 

From a person who deals with depression, I can tell you that exercise IS the all encompassing solution.

When I started to see Terri from Perfect Form, I was battling with depressive symptoms, fatigue, grumpiness, sadness, low self-worth, lack of motivation, and general malaise. From the very first session with Terri, I couldn’t believe how my brain switched from negative thoughts to positive ones. Sure, I was exhausted and could barely put my lipstick on after the initial workout, but wow, I couldn’t believe how shaky arms and wobbly legs can give you such a sense of accomplishment and lightheartedness. Even though my body was vibrating, I felt something I had not felt in a very long time; happiness and peace! All those things you hear about endorphins are actually true! Who knew?

During my initial session, Terri talked with me about what I was eating and drinking, weighed and measured me, and did a general fitness test; so after my initial session I was on a mission to take control of my body—the side effect being an inexplicable sense of optimism, joy and positivity. I made a commitment to work out twice a week on my lunch break and it’s the best thing I can say I have EVER done for myself; and I’ve tried a lot of things in an effort to feel better. Reading positive and uplifting books, power walking, meditating, etc have been my go-to things, and they’re all good, but they did very little to alleviate my depressive symptoms. All the self-help books in the world could not and did not ever change my mood or well-being the way working out has.

Terri is amazing. She is easy to talk to, friendly and is a truly beautiful person; but beneath that sweet exterior is a very strong committed person who pushes you beyond what you ever thought possible for yourself; in fact just when you really stop believing you can do it, she somehow restores your faith in yourself and somehow you keep going. She never leaves your side and is there to help you every step of the way, you are never left unattended, and it’s her mission, as the name of her studio implies, that you are in PERFECT FORM.

If you find yourself where I found myself, please, do the best thing you will ever do for yourself. Call Terri and set up an appt. And expect your life to change in ways you could never imagine. Oh, and I forgot to mention, your clothes will look much better on you too!

Melanie Evans