I have been seeing Terri for about 3 months now….losing weight was the goal but what I gained was a sense of pride and selfworth that seemed unattainable to me before.

I have lost almost 16 inches overall and have gained a sense of pride that I can and will acheive my goals. Her sense of knowing just how far to push me, and just constantly sending me positive energy… makes her my hero. She says ”but you did all the hard work”, in reality if it was not for her I would have given up months ago. She changes it up all the time and working out is always an adventure. I have also discovered I love to box…what a great stress reliever, never did I think I would love to hit something. I have learned so much in my time with her and I look forward to the months and years ahead. Thank you Terri, you are the best.

Lee-Anne Carroll, Ajax