* 5 pm Tabata with Karen

* 6:15 pm On The Ball with Camille

*7:15 pm U12 Ringette with Jenn (closed team session)

*8:15 pm U14 Ringette with Jenn(closed team session)


*6:30 pm Extreme Training Camp with Terri


*9:30 am Body Burn with Jenn

*5:30 pm Fit Girl with Jenn

*7:00 pm Zumba with Felix


*6:30 pm Extreme Training Camp with Terri

*7:30 pm Yoga with Dawn & Lisa


*7:00 pm Zumba with Felix


*10 am Extreme Training Camp with Terri OR Ballet Barre with Amy

Drop in class with minimum participants being 5.


*11:00 am Adult Hip Hop Class with Amy

Stay tuned in our blog posts for puppy yoga that often happens on a Sunday

Body Burn

 Body Burn is a full body high intensity workout that leaves you feeling sweaty, accomplished and wanting for more. This fun energetic class is for all fitness levels. It will grow with intensity as you get stronger and stronger. The program changes weekly to keep you from getting bored and to keep you coming back for more! Instructor: Jenn Kerr 


HIIT TABATA - 60 min class that is perfect for all fitness levels. TABATA offers a fast pace routine that will help you burn fat and put on muscle mass while you get faster and stronger.

Ringette Dryland

We cater to all sports with their needs for dryland training. At this time we are currently working with Ringette teams. Please contact us if you have any teams interested in dryland training. Making your team the best they can be is our top priority!

Hip hop

Hip hop is a fun funky dance that incorporates new age dance moves and fundamentals of hip hop!

Ballet Barre

Ballet is a combination of strength and stretch training. We use weights bands and balls to help target those stability muscles. This class will Definitely increase your flexibility.

extreme training camp

Guaranteed the most incredible workout! Length of class varies. If you are you interested in testing your strength and endurance and getting into the BEST SHAPE OF YOUR LIFE, this class is for you. Extreme Training-Camp is a core strength and conditioning program. Join this fun, powerful, empowering workout.

ALL FITNESS LEVELS WELCOME. We will be performing exercises with safety and scaling individuals with less experience to perform the same routine.


A dynamic class full of energy and enthusiasm.  Each week is different yet effective by using the stability ball to develop your core strength and endurance. Instructor: Camille


A class for all levels that can enhance your body movements and health. Synchronizing breath with movement building strength with a continuous flow from one post to the next. Students are guided by teachers throughout the experience.


Full session and drop-IN pricing available.

call us today!