Summer 2015, after completing a ten month post-grad, and keeping "life" held together with a few strings, I had really let my fitness level decline. I committed to joining Jenn Kerr's class at Perfect Form because I wanted my energy back and I needed a little motivation! Jenn's classes are always challenging, fun, and provide lots of variety for total body movement and strengthening. There's some laughing, good music (warning: Jenn sometimes sings and dances), and a great group of people to look forward to each class. Jenn will also push you to reach your potential and conquer mind over matter!
Since my training started with Jenn, I'm happy to report that my energy has returned, I've increased endurance in both strength and cardio areas, and I don't detest burpees as much as I did last year. 

Jenn is a knowledgeable and motivating trainer; I would recommend her classes to anyone looking to start their fitness journey, or just get back on track and set new goals. 
Thanks for all you do Jenn!