Education is key to your personal training experience!  As a professional I always make sure my client knows why I ask them to do a specific exercise, what muscles are working and how to properly contract those muscles.  If you don`t know why you are doing something, why would you do it!

Making sure your trainer`s education and certification is current also ensures that you will receive the most up-to-date information and education!

Here are some tips:

1) Put your mind in the muscle you are using.

2) Feel free to ask your trainer ANY question you may have! Personally I answer email, text, phone calls, letters- anything to help my client understand my methods of training.  No question is a bad question! A professional trainer that truly cares about their client will go to no end to educate their client, and if they do not know the answer they will either research it OR refer the client to someone else that could help!

3)  Make sure to use the proper (or as I call it Perfect) form when executing an exercise on your own. Even when lifting the lightest weights you should still be able to feel the muscle working, if not you may be lifting incorrectly.

4) Take your time!  Remembering all the cues and breathing techniques take time, go slow, practice often and soon it will become easy and natural!

Get motivated to learn and shape your own PERFECT FORM!!!
Keep movin, keep active, have fun!