Did you spend your summer getting OUT OF SHAPE?

Too many BBQ’s, too much alcohol and junk? Are you finding yourself going from one chocolate chip cookie to the next ice cream cone?

Are you really taking your kids to the park or are you talking them into stopping for a chocolate bar…for you? Do you stop at Tim Horton’s every time you go to work?

How do you break out of this RUT?

If this sounds like you, we at Perfect Form have *GOOD NEWS* for YOU! We have DURHAM'S BEST PROGRAMS to get you back in shape in no time!

We can turn a potato-chip-eating-couch-potato into a vision of health!

We can transform you and help you regain the control you once had (or maybe you have never had it - then we can help you get it!). We will work with you to straighten out your nutrition and then we can recommend what program or class will best suit your time and needs of getting you into the BEST SHAPE OF YOUR LIFE!

Don’t let the summer end without making a commitment to yourself! You will feeel good (scratch that) I mean amazing, awesome, incredible soon! I guarantee it! 

Contact us and we will give you the TOOLs you need!