"Sometimes we should all look back to see how far we’ve come, rather than constantly looking forward to what we have yet to achieve…." Author Dean Maahs

I was recently at a client’s wedding and her groom spoke these powerful words.

How often do you take the time to see how much progress you have made in your personal fitness level? Did you write down when you started training for a certain goal or do you just workout hoping things will change? Did you set a goal?

The certified personal trainers at Perfect Form Personal Training Studio in Ajax are professionals that can give you a total fitness assessment, complete with measurements, body weight, body fat percentage, body water percentage, before photo, and a scoring of your fitness level!  The experienced trainers can also help you streamline how you should train your body to achieve your goals and get the results you are craving! (For instance training for a marathon or training to lose 45lbs!) Your fitness trainer is the one that can make a difference in whether it takes you 5 years to get to your goal or only 6 months!

Getting in shape takes time, effort and proper exercise and nutrition! Everyone CAN use a trainer to personally coach them on these 4 aspects!! You will then be able to visually see where you’ve come from (on paper) and what you have achieved, usually in a much more time efficient manner when utilizing a Personal Trainer from Perfect Form!

We need goals in life, but sometimes you focus so much on where you are headed, that you forget to take a step back and realize all you’ve accomplished.

A client of mine recently lost a lot of weight. However, she has said to me “I’m still not there yet.” And yes she still has a goal that she wants to get to but why not take a second to look back and celebrate.

Celebrate the fact that 1) she has made an attainable goal with the help of a trainer and 2) she is on her way to achieving it!  Why not realize that she has worked hard for many months as well as become focused on where she would like to be by next summer? 

Goals are needed, accomplishments make you smile, and celebrations are warranted! Don’t forget to take some time and look back.