A New Year comes and New Promises are made…

Have you made a promise to yourself to make this the HEALTHIEST YEAR of your life?

What are you going to do to make that change?

A quote ” If you love something, fight for it!” – If you love your body, TAKE CARE OF IT! Fuel it properly and give it the right amount of protein, carbohydrates, fat and water as well as important exercise and last but not least get enough SLEEP!

If you need helping finding a balance come and talk to the professionals at Perfect Form and let us help you design and new way to live your life!


Change is good, mix it up, you will be surprised how good you feel when your body is challenged outside of your comfort zone!

Here are a few recommendations of mine:

Add one additional personal training session to your week and see your results come quicker than you imagined!

Try a new class – Extreme Training Camp, Hourglass Workout (early morning), Zumba, On the Ball or some resorative YOGA!

Make an appointment with our new in-house Nutritionist Terri Patterson- she can help you find healthy options to add to your regular menu!

Looking forward to seeing you be a healthier version of you in 2016!