Pull-up & Chin-up Technique.

Start each rep from a full hang with straight elbows. Clear the bar with your chin on every rep.

  • Chest Up. Don’t let your shoulders go forward. Lead with your chest up & keep your shoulders back.
  • Look Up. Try not to look down during Pull-ups & Chin-ups. Look at the bar. Look where you’re pulling yourself up to.
  • Elbows to The Floor. Drive with your elbows to the floor. This involves your back muscles more.

Common Errors. Most common error on Pull-ups & Chin-ups is cheating the range of motion by not going low or high enough on each rep.

  • Not Straightening the Arms.
  • Shoulders Going Forward. It’s bad posture & bad technique. Lead with your chest up while driving your elbows to the floor.
  • Using The Hips. Keep your legs inline with your torso.
  • Chin Over Bar. Nose or forehead against the bar is a partial Pull-up/Chin-up. Chin over bar unless you’re not strong enough yet.