Powerful Outstanding Workout. POW is a full body workout that leaves you sweaty and wanting more at the end. This fun energetic class is for all fitness levels. It will grow with intensity as you get stronger and stronger. The program changes weekly to keep you from getting bored and coming back for more! Instructor: Jenn Kerr 


This program will focus on improving the overall fitness and performance of your young athlete. Jenn Kerr, the instructor, will be working on their strength, speed, endurance, and agility through various drills and exercises. Your child will develop a good attitude and sense of dedication and motivation when it comes to training. But most importantly, they will have FUN! Spots are limited, act fast!

Junior Kidz Fit

This program is uniquely design for children ages 6 – 8 with a strong focus on life skills. Our core value is derived from the five Taekwondo Tenets which are courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control, indomitable spirit. The children are encouraged to learn these words and what they mean, not for eight weeks but for a lifetime. Each session is comprised of exercises that will build core, speed, mental quickness, focus and self-confidence which will intern assist them in school, at home or wherever they go in life. The safety of each child is paramount and we do everything to keep them safe. This program is all about building each child’s mental and physical character while getting fit and having fun. ACTIVE CHILDREN HAVE HEALTHY MINDS!



extreme training camp

Guaranteed the most incredible workout! Length of class varies. If you are you interested in testing your strength and endurance and getting into the BEST SHAPE OF YOUR LIFE, this class is for you. Extreme Training-Camp is a core strength and conditioning program. Join this fun, powerful, empowering workout.

ALL FITNESS LEVELS WELCOME. We will be performing exercises with safety and scaling individuals with less experience to perform the same routine.


A dynamic class full of energy and enthusiasm.  Each week is different yet effective by using the stability ball to develop your core strength and endurance. Instructor: Camille



Full session and drop-IN pricing available.

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